Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You owe it to yourself #5: Book Clubs

In the last three years I've joined two book clubs, the first one really wasn't for me (basically we just read the Oprah book of the month), but the second one has been a really great experience. I mean really, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think, Book club?

HEY! Fine, I guess some of you thought of some sort of reading circle from the 1800s (pictured above), but reading clubs don't really have that "Anne of Green Gables" feel any more. Let me tell you some of the great stuff I've done in my last three years at the club. I've massively expanded the kinds of books I read, met tonnes of great people and eventually found the inspiration to do these posts.

And for you guys out there who think book clubs are only for the ladies, remember, men reading books are sexy! (pictured right - my reading nemesis, James "Sawyer" Ford) And especially for you single fellows out there - the ratio of men to women at a book club is usually 5 or 6 to 1, so there you go.

The club I belong to selects a new genre every month, so we read all sorts of stuff, including non-fiction, short-stories, and more. Basically, being in a book club forces you to read a lot of books that you wouldn't otherwise look at, as well as sharing your own personal favourites with other people and doing it all with a nice cup of coffee (pictured left).

Check out local book clubs, you'll read great books and meet great people. After all, expanding your horizons is good and you owe it to yourself.

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  1. Kim and Devin made some noise months ago about starting a book club. If that got off the ground, would you wish to be a part of it? (I'm sure I shouldn't ask without consulting them first.)