Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Genre Character of the Week: Concrete

We've all gone through changes, finishing high school, getting a new job, or moving to a new place can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It is just that mixture of fear and adventure that also fills this weeks genre character, Concrete.

Now to be fair, Concrete's change is a little bigger than ones I was talking about before. Captured by aliens while on a camping trip, political speech writer Ron Lithgow had his brain transplanted into a body that is made of a concrete-like material, he is super strong, has unbelievable endurance and superior vision, the down side, he is no longer male (the alien body has no sex organs). Along with a personal assistant and a scientist assigned to study his new body, Concrete begins a series of adventures across our world.

The thing I like best about Concrete is how he is always trying to make the best out of his new life, like the rest of us he stumbles, but overall he thrives.

If you want to give non-super hero comics a try, Concrete is a great place to start. I find it amazing how author Paul Chadwick gets you to connect to this strange creature. Also the whole series is only seven trade paperbacks so it is not a major time crusher.

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