Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Genre Character of the Week: Jim Powell

After watching the first four episodes of the ABC series No Ordinary Family with my family, I've got to say that it is definitely pulling into a strong second place* this year for my favourite new genre show of the fall 2010 year. A big part of why this show is working so well for me is the lead, and the genre character of the week, Jim Powell.

Here's what I like about Jim - his first characteristic, good dad. Even before he and his family get all super powered, he is clearly invested in his kids, which as a dad, is important to me. Next, he loves his wife (I know that's pretty much a given on a family show), which definitely comes through in both the stories and the acting (hats off to Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz), and finally, even though his big change involves gaining super powers, as a guy who went through a pretty big change myself a few months back (I left my previous job of 10 years for something new), I can really relate.

Now Jim isn't perfect - he does tend to get carried away with his new hobby, being a super hero, and sometime to the cost of more important things, but he is working at it, and in the end working at it is the whole point.

Overall the show is cobbled together from various other sources (Heroes, The Incredibles and The Fantastic Four come to mind), but by focusing on the family throughout the series, it is showing a lot of heart.
*Sorry No Ordinary Family, but when a show pairs my love of zombies and apocalypses, what can I do?

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