Sunday, September 23, 2012

Three Posts to go until a month of Saw

From the Desk of Bookmonkey,

As I'm now three days away from spending a month on a look at the Saw franchise, I thought I would clear a few things up.

1) I'm not going to get into graphic descriptions of on screen deaths or the like, although I'm a big fan of the horror genre, I'm not particularly into gore.

2) I am going to focus on a lot of the ways in which the franchise grew, looking at the original short film, the series, the spin-off comic book and at least the first game for the PS3 (I'm still searching for the second)

3) I've done a bit of a double duty with my Saw-themed month, I'm also going to be using it for a course I'm currently working on, so there may be some references to other academic works over the next month, and the occasional work cited (bear with me).

Anyway, that's about all - I just wanted you to know that my goal is to still have this blog be a place my kids and my mom could read over the next month, and due to the subject matter, I thought some of you might be cautious about what I'd be writing about.

Your pal,

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