Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bookmonkey vs Hack/Slash this October!

After spending the last few months deciding on what I wanted to focus my October posts on, I've finally come to a conclusion - HACK/SLASH by Tim Seeley.

Back in 2011 I wrote a post on the first HACK/SLASH Omnibus, and since then I've collected each omnibus (there are five in total) that make up the entire series without reading any of the others.  So now added to my giant pile (metaphorically - I've actually got them all on shelves) of books I mean to get around to are these five large omnibus volumes of a horror series which plays with the concept of the Final Girl, and does some really interesting crossovers with other Horror films, comics, and webcomics.

So you've been warned - I'm going to be spending my fourteen posts next month looking at a pretty interesting series that focuses on my favourite genre and will allow me to revisit (and visit) a number of other aspects of the world of horror fiction.

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