Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Genre Character of the Week: Anya

I'm currently enrolled in a course called "LIS 518: Comic Books and Graphic Novels in School and Public Libraries" which means I get to combine my love of comics with my current academic studies.

Also I get to read a lot of new comics I had never heard of before; case in point, Anya's Ghost, by Vera Brosgol.

The story follows a young girl (and our genre character of the week) Anya, a young Russian Immigrant living in the United States who is trying to make sense of school, her family and life, and then she falls into an abandoned well.

In the well she meets a ghost named Emily, who has been trapped in the well for decades and might be just the friend that Anya needs.

What I really loved about the book was just how relatable Anya is as a character, her life is very recognizable (and I'm saying this as a non-immigrant guy in his thirties) and you can't help but feel for her the whole way through the story as she works to better her life and help her new friend.

The artwork is also pretty incredible; it's straight-forward and does have a sort of Disney-esque feel, which in a coming of age story, fits very nicely.

If you haven't read the book yet, it is definitely worth a look.

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