Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review: Revival #1: You're Among Friends

Last fall in Library School I took a course on Comic Books and Graphic Novels in public and school libraries, and during that course I wrote a paper on the current stuff at Image Comics.

It's funny because going into the course I knew Image for three titles; Spawn, Savage Dragon, and The Walking Dead (of which I'm a pretty huge fan).  Little did I know that the publishing company had a number of other titles I should have been reading.

Number one of them was Hack/Slash - which I spent all of last October focusing on, but after finishing my paper I ended with a large number of titles to check out.

First up was Hack/Slash author Tim Seeley's series Revival.  In many ways you can think of it as Images other zombie book.

In the story a small town changes dramatically over the couse of an afternoon when all of the towns dead apparently come back to life.  Unlike in Kirkman's The Walking Dead, they aren't mindless killing creatures, but are instead the same people they were before, only a little different.

I really don't want to spoil this series (also it would be hard for me as I've just started it myself), but it does a great job of mixing Gothic Horror with Zombie themes.  An awful lot of fun and really compelling stories.

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