Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Review: The Shade

Last week my friend Ron loaned me James Robinson's 2013 mini-series, The Shade, a spin off of one of my favourite superhero comics of all time, Starman.

The character of The Shade has always been intriguing to me, as an immortal with shadow-based power his abilities can be pretty stunning, and his motivation often seems to go beyond simple blank and white morality to something a little different.  He likes a challenge, and if that requires him to play hero or villain, he's up to the challenge to reach his goals.

The mini-series is pretty great, giving the character a back story, taking place all over the globe and reminding me that as diary entries in comics tend to be written in cursive (handwriting), many of these stories will have to find a way to adapt as students are no longer being taught to read and write in cursive, making stories which use this device all but impossible to understand for some.

For Starman fans, the series is a must, as it brings back the flavour of the original comic but looks at the world through a very different set of eyes.

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