Monday, October 12, 2015

Bookmonkey visits Hemlock Grove: Post Five

Episode three (sorry gang, but spoilers abound), actually moves into some pretty interesting territory.

In many ways the series comes down to this.

Imagine you've got a pretty terrible secret (in the show's case, Peter is a werewolf), and then imagine that some horrible crime starts happening in your neck of the woods that really starts to point to you as the guilty party.  The worst thing is, with your own knowledge and background, you indeed have the capacity and the inclination for this crime, but you know it isn't you.

What do you do?

Although I still kind of feel like I've started watching the second season of a show that should have done a heck of a lot of explaining previously, the third episode moves the mystery along, and for the first time, all of the side plots begin to feel like they are contributing to the main story overall.

Also two caste members from the Battlestar Galactica reboot?  How cool is that?

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