Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review: A Victor of Salamis

William Sterns Davis's A Victor of Salamis is both the 13th book I've read on my continuing journey through Ancient Greece via Historical Fiction, and the second oldest (published in 1907, it is only beaten by Homer's Iliad, which to be fair, is not a bad statement for any book taking place in the Ancient World).

The book follows an Athenian named Glaucon the Beautiful, who spends the novel conveniently finding a way to be personally involved in every major conflict and event of the Persian War (he even briefly meets Arimnestos!) while being found guilty of a crime he didn't commit and working throughout to save his wife from being forced to marry the very man who betrayed him.

Ok - I'll admit the story is pretty simple, action-based and and kind of a mash-up of The Fugitive and Forrest Gump. But putting all that aside, it's a fun read, a great intro to the broader points of the Persian war and even features Simonides in a strong supporting role. Although I would suggest many other novels off of this list to be read for a better read, A Victor of Salamis is a pretty great introduction to the players and events of the Persian War.

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