Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I've Noticed #10: The More I Notice, The More I Notice

I think we've all had it at one time or another, you take a course on something, go on a trip somewhere, or just start checking out a new author and then suddenly this new information you have starts showing up all over your favourite TV shows, books, Movies and games.

A few months back I took a university course on Ancient Greece and all of a sudden I started noticing references to the time period in the movies I was watching (and not just obvious ones like 300, but stuff like Run, Fat Boy, Run) and the books I was reading (I read a 1953 western by Lois L'Amour which started with a refernce to the Persian Wars) like some kind of demented Where's Waldo image, only more like a Land of Waldo image (Pictured left).

And although at first I thought that this was only something that I'd noticed, yesterday my friend Mike talked about the same thing - he just went on a trip to The Netherlands and suddenly he's noticing Dutch culture showing up everywhere.

I think that this stuff was always out there for me to see, the references to Ancient Greece or whatever other stuff I've started paying attention to, but I'm only now becoming really aware of how far these references go.

It's kinda cool, actually; the more of the world you notice, the more of there world there is to notice.

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