Friday, March 12, 2010

Movie Review: She's Out of My League

Last night my wife and I went to an advanced screening of She's Out of My League. I know that the film isn't technically a genre pick - although I suppose you could argue it's a Fantasy film. The main reason I'm reviewing it today is the fact that it stars a fellow Canadian, Jay Baruchel, and us Northerners like to look out for each other.

The premise of the film, in case you haven't seen the trailer, can be summed up as follows - boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy is suspicious of her due to his own self esteem issues and the fact that all of his friends clearly believe she is out of his league.

Jay Baruchel has been impressing me since the television series Undeclared and I really liked his character in this movie, he came off as a nice guy going through a rough patch. Alice Eve, who had the job of being "The Perfect Girl" gave the character a lot more depth than I was expecting in a romantic comedy.

These kind of films always depend strongly on the supporting cast and the cast in this film is great. The guy's three buddy characters (played by Mike Vogel, T.J. Miller, and Nate Torrence, pictured below) were very funny, each one of them standing out at least once during the film. The girl's BFF (played by Krysten Ritter) was a bit of a witch, so she got a lot of great one-liner's. Personally, I loved the fact that the movie had Lindsay Sloane (who played one of the nicest people I've seen on TV in the series Grosse Pointe) playing the main character's horrible ex-girlfriend.

The movie was about what I expected, it had me laughing out loud, cringing with awkwardness and glad that I could share it with my wife. For a fun date night movie, it is totally worth your time.

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