Friday, April 2, 2010

The 100th Post

So here I am, seven and a half months later, having done 3 posts a week since last August and this is it - my 100th post.

For those of you who've been around since the beginning - thanks! For those of you who joined along the way - it's been a lot of fun, for those of you who are coming here fore the first time - Hi, I'm Bookmonkey - nice to meet you.

For today's post I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself, so you could learn a bit more about the blogger you've been reading all this time.

Bookmonkey's top five things you should know about Bookmonkey

5. I have a pretty well rounded life
In addition to blogging I do a lot of stuff; I'm married, have two kids, am in my 30s and am a part-time university student. Past that I'm working on becoming a healthier me (both emotionally and weight-wise), and have ambitions to get paid to write someday.

4. I'm focused on doing my best at what I do
Whether that stuff is being a husband, father, BFF, Canadian, fan boy or whatever - I try to ensure that I a little time each day focusing on the most important aspects of my life. I'm also the kind of guy who only plays one Wii game at a time, an hour or so a week, until I finish it - then I move on to the next one.

3. A lot of my spare time as a kid was spent doing Role-Playing Games
Starting with basic Dungeons & Dragons, I moved through Fantasy games in Elementary, then SF and Super-Hero games through High School and finally ended up doing White Wolf horror games for the majority of my twenties. Although I haven't touched on this a lot in my blog so far - it will begin to have a focus for my second 100 posts.

2 My favourite Genre is Horror
Which is a little odd as I'm not a fan of gore - sorry, I haven't seen the Saw series and don't really intend to anytime soon. I am, however a huge fan of Horror novels and comics as well as classic and clever horror films - my favourite last year - Drag me to Hell, my favourite overall, probably the works of John Carpenter.

1 I am really, really big into finding connections between things
This originally started when I realized there were a lot of Best Picture winners that I had never seen - and as I went through them, I began to notice that I was starting to understand a lot more pop culture references. Then it moved onto references in novels and non-fiction and eventually comic books. I like seeing where ideas come from and understanding the history of the things I like.

So there you go - these five bits of info may help you see deeper into my writing, giving you a little background info into the guy you've been reading all this time.

Here's to the next 100,
Your pal, Bookmonkey

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