Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Genre Character of the Week: The Eleventh Doctor

As I've spent the last few weeks reading my BFF Mike's blog which has been focusing on classic Doctor Who for the entire month (go check it out - the first Doctor Who post is here). I've been wanting to write about my opinion of the Doctor's newest (and Eleventh) incarnation, played by Matt Smith.

For those of you who are unaware, I'll break the show and the character down very quickly. The Show, which started in 1963 follows a traveller of space and time through his many adventures. The Character is a centuries-old man who has the ability to change his form every once in a while (allowing him to be played by at least 11 different actors), who faces terrible danger each episode and usually succeeds without violence.

The series ran originally until 1989 and then (with the exception of a TV movie) disappeared until 2005, when the new series, which was a continuation, rather than a re-imagining, began.

Starting on Easter 2010, the Doctor changed his form again, and is now played by actor Matt Smith, who at age 27 is the youngest person to officially portray the Doctor. Here's why I'm loving the Doctor's newest incarnation - He isn't afraid to show his roots (I think I've seen more classic Doctor Who references in this series than in any of the previous ones since the reboot), He seems to genuinely love his companions (the characters who go on adventures with him), and he regularly involves time travel in his stories (the series opener uses a significant amount of in-episode time travel).

Plus, he wears a bow tie, and bow ties are cool.

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