Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Genre Character of the Week:Quorra

Last Saturday I went to see the film Tron Legacy with my younger daughter and a friend of hers, as well as my BFF Mike. Although the movie was a little short on story, it was big on wish fulfillment (as to why Sam hasn’t seen his father in 20 years) and action, also the effects were pretty cool. The standout character for me, however was the love interest for Sam, Quorra (pictured above).

When we first meet her, Quorra (played by Olivia Wilde) is saving Sam’s life (a pretty awesome introduction in any action film). She is quickly introduced as Kevin Flynn’s (Sam’s father and the main character of the movie Tron) assistant.

Now the tricky thing for me is to explain why I liked the character without going into spoilers. Basically she’s loyal and pretty much an innocent – although she is a creation of the grid, she is willing to back Sam’s father even into exile, not something I would necessarily do in her shoes. Past that, all I can say is that the concept behind her character was my second favourite thing about the movie (right after the score, which was amazing).

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