Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I’ve Noticed: Selecting an October theme is tricky

I know it’s still three months away, but as I’m one of those plan ahead types, I keep looking at my calendar and thinking about how I’m going to break down the premise of “The Re-imagining of Horror” into thirteen posts.

Last year I got a really good response for my October posts “Twilight of Bookmonkey” wherein I focused on all five of the Twilight novels, as well as the first two films and soundtracks. So I definitely wanted to follow it up this year with a great month of horror themed posts.

Before I chose to examine the recent re-imagining craze of the genre, I spent a little time thinking about the other Horror series I’ve never gotten around to viewing: Saw. The problem was, even with all those sequels, video games and comics; I didn’t think I would have enough to say to cover thirteen individual posts.

My next choice, and the one I’m going to be doing this October is an examination of the recent re-imagining craze. My hope is I’ll get to spend some time looking a where the craze came from, some examples of both good and bad re-imaginings and my own thoughts about where the genre may go in the future.

Anyway, what I guess I’m trying to get at today is that I need to start figuring out exactly which re-imaginings I should check out and then I realized – why don’t I ask my readers? I’ll definitely be looking at the big three (Friday the 13th (2009), Halloween (2007), and A Nightmare on Elm Street(2010)), but past that I’m pretty open.

Any suggestions?

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