Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: The Queen of Bedlam

Happy Heritage Day everyone! (For those of you who don't live in Alberta, Canada, this is our second long weekend of the year that basically comes down to "we really need a holiday in this month" the other long weekend we get happening in February - called Family Day)

Today I both finished the Robert R McCammon novel The Queen of Bedlam, finished the PS3 game Assassin's Creed and saw the new Captain America movie. For today's post, I'll be focusing on the book.

This is the second of Robert R McCammons, Mathew Corbett series, (which I wrote about here) and like the first novel, Speaks the Nightbird, this is a mystery novel set in the American colonies circa 1700 - although the second book takes place in New York rather than in the Carolinas.

This novel focuses on a mystery surrounding a mysterious killer known as The Masker, a man who has quickly dispatched a doctor in a rather horrible fashion. Our main character, Matthew, having returned from the Carolinas three years ago, is now a legal clerk for a contract lawyer, and through the course of the book becomes involved in the case of The Masker, as well as a case of mistaken identity in a nearby asylum.

Overall the book was a lot of fun for me, although it comes to about 650 pages, it is a quick read and quite enjoyable, having a lot of action and building suspense throughout. There is a bit of a jump in tone when Matthew first meets his love interest, as she is almost slapstick-level clumsy, but I will definitely be adding this to my collection when I find it as a paperback in a used-book store.

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