Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I've noticed: The oldest stories are still the best

When it comes to classic tales of horror, Frankenstein has pretty much everything you need in it: Guy creates a monster, monster chases man, man and monster destroy each other (sorry for the 110 year spoiler).

The 2010 South Korean horror film I Saw The Devil is a modern twist on this classic tale. In this version, the monster exists first, brutally killing a woman early in the film. The twist is that the cop going after hiim turns himself into another monster, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with this horrible killer.

The film is really, really intense and quite graphic, so I wouldn't recommend it for the newcomer to the genre. The monsters in the film are all human and there are a lot of very disturbing images throughout.

For me the most shocking thing about the film was how it took this classic story of a man creating something that should not be and having the thing that should not be turn a man into another thing like itself.

Although it was a harrowing experience the film was definitely worth checking out, story and character are so often under-used in horror.

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