Thursday, July 14, 2011

300 Posts

Today marks the three hundredth entry I’ve made on my blog, and although I won’t be celebrating my two-year blog-aversary for another couple weeks (August 19th), I thought it would be good to use today’s post to describe my favourite parts of being a blogger in a top five list. So here we go:
Bookmonkey’s Top Five favourite things about being a blogger

5) Blogging has actually got me way out of my comfort zone – before I started blogging if you asked me to come out to some strange new activity I’d probably say no. As I am now in constant need to have new stuff to talk about here, my answer is definitely a yes (most of the time).

4) Blogging has help me respect the blogs of others – before I started blogging I took a look at a few blogs that impressed me, but wasn’t a regular reader of any blog. Since I started blogging I’ve got much better about publically following other blogs and making sure to comment where I can (comments are special little bursts of awesome every time I come across them – or they are SPAM, but what the heck – a comment is a comment)

3) Blogging has helped ensure I keep up to date on movies, TV and books, as well as reading my classics. Knowing that I have an online book review due each week has definitely helped ensure that I keep up my reading speed; otherwise I’d have quickly begun to run out of things to say. I tend to average around ten books a month and I owe a big part of that to all of you.

2) Blogging helped me become an “A Student” – growing up I was really good at gettings 90s in the classes I loved (English and Drama) and 50s in everything else. A large part of this came down to my reluctance to write. I read a lot, but my out-put wasn’t great. After writing a mini-essay three times a week for a year, I started noticing that the 2000 word essays I needed to do for University didn’t seem to bug me as much, and eventually I began to enjoy writing them. Once this happened my grades started going up and all because I started giving myself some weekly homework.

1) Blogging led me to the Blogosphere. Before I started blogging I had one blog I regularly visited, the one run by my favourite author, Neil Gaiman. Since I started blogging the number has long since run into the dozens as I am more and more impressed and awed by the quality of material I find out in the blogosphere, from blogs on Horror and Nutrition through to blogs which keep me updated on what my BFF is watching, I just can’t stop being impressed by my fellow bloggers.

Thanks everyone!

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