Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Game Review: Dead Space 2

Hitting a personal best in time through a new game, I finished Dead Space 2 after 18 days - now I know that compared to the really dedicated gamers, who finish these types of things in about 18 hours, it's not that fast, but for me it was pretty impressive.

After the pretty massive spoiler of the first game, Isaac spends a lot of the second game questioning his sanity.  The game has really impressive graphics, all sorts of eerie settings, and a really interesting story.  Like the first game you build your weapons as you go - unlike the first game, you actually get to see Isaac's face.  Also, instead of being set in a large spaceship, the second game is set in (and on) a vast space station.

The game still did give my kids the creeps (in fact my youngest refused to come into the room while I was playing at all - strange, as she was the one who gave me the game), but on the positive side, the version of the game she got me included the additional game Dead Space: Extraction - which I'll get totally obsessed with in about a month, when I'm finished my classes for the term.

Overall, and a few years late, I think the game is pretty impressive, lots of fun, and I cant wait for the next game in the series after the price drops to where I'm willing to pay for it.


  1. Hello! Since you like to wait for AAA titles to do down in price before you purchase them, I was wondering if you would like to play through Dead Space 3 on my copy? I'd gladly mail it to you since I finished the game a few weeks ago, if you would agree to send back when you're finished.

    1. Holy cats! Thanks for the offer - drop me a line at bookmonkey00k(at) and we'll figure out the specifics.