Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things I've Noticed: Steven Saylor writes a darn fine Mystery

This week I read the latest of Steven Saylor's mysteries set in Ancient Rome, The Seven Wonders.  In it, his detective character, Gordianus the Finder explores all seven of the wonders of the Ancient World and solves mysteries along the way.

The book, the 13th of his Roma Sub Rosa series, is actually set well before the rest of the series, when the main character was seventeen-years-old.  Although my personal tastes run to Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, this series, which I started when I was taking a class on Ancient Rome and Early Christianity for my Undergraduate degree, got me totally hooked.

Beautifully mixing together Mystery stories and Historical Fiction, I simply couldn't put this series down, and honestly, if I could find them in hardcover, I would be pretty tempted to add them to my own library.

The first in the series is Roman Blood, and if you are interested in checking out a new mystery series, I would strongly recommend this one.

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