Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Genre Character of the Week: George from Demons

Last Friday I watched the 1985 Lamberto Bava directed Italian horror film Demons.  The premise - a movie theatre audience is attacked and possessed by demons while watching a movie in which people are attacked and possessed by demons.  For me, the movie begins with an interesting premise and then goes on into weirder and weirder territory as the various theatregoers attempt to escape the attacking demons.

One of these theateregoers is a young man named George (played by Urbano Barberini pictured above), who along with his friend Ken has come to this theatre to see a free screening of a random movie - apparently no one in the audience was aware they would be watching a horror film (which starts out as a demon movie, but quickly movies into a Friday the 13th-style slasher movie, based on what little of the film-within-a-film we could see).

George does his best to help protect himself, his friend, and the two cute girls they sat next to when the demons attack.

There isn't actually a lot of story after that, just a strange series of scenes where they almost get away from the demons, but then the demons appear again.  I liked George as his motivation seems pretty obvious and with only a few exceptions, he is pretty clever in the many ways in which he evades the demons.

I actually got this movie for trade-in on one of my used book store runs, so for the cost of $0, it was pretty fun - gross and more than a little disgusting - but pretty fun nonetheless.

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