Monday, May 6, 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

On Saturday friends and family got together to go see the latest Marvel Studios release, Iron Man 3.  The film, set after the events of last year's The Avengers, was pretty great.  I'm going upfront and honest here - so let me state that other than the recent films, I have little experience with the original comic books featuring Iron Man, and I'll try to keep my post as spoiler-free as possible, as I know some readers prefer to experience a film with as little pre-knowledge as possible.

The film was a whole lot of fun.  I felt that following up something as amazing as The Avengers was last year would be a challenge, but the direction from Shane Black and the screenplay by Black and Drew Pearce was sharp, acknowledging the previous film, but creating a world all on its own.  Also, as this was the first Iron Man film not directed by Jon Favreau (who did still appear in the film), it felt like a good move after the game-changing events in The Avengers.
At 120 minutes the film is the longest-running Iron Man movie to date (and by the wasy, I can’t believe people still leave these movies as soon as the credits roll – the fact that end scenes exist for these films is not a secret, but I’m always in the last 10% of the audience who sit through the credits and wait as compared to those who leave immediately after the “directed by” credit runs.

Although I can’t tell you how many minor characters and businesses from the Marvel Universe are mentioned in the film (honestly, I have no idea), I can say the story has a lot of heart, kept me intrigued the whole way through, and will definitely be making it’s way onto my DVD shelf when it becomes available.

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