Friday, January 24, 2014

Bookmonkey meets a Book Monkey (sorry, Book Orangutan)

As a huge fan of tales of terror and the supernatural, you'd better believe that I would be stopping by the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site if every I found myself in Philadelphia - which thanks to my attendance here at ALA Midwinter 14 is exactly where I found myself!  What really surprised me however, was the fact that I would finally end up with a photo of myself to put on this blog (for newcomers, I've been doing this for about four and a half years, but have so far stayed out of the pictures).

Anyway, while visiting the site, I entered the kitchen and found myself in a crazy situation; here I was, your old pal Bookmonkey, and there he was, a monkey from one of my favourite books (all right, an orangutan from one of my favourite short stories).  

So there you go, me and my monkey.

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