Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review: Moonheart

Following up his first novel, The Riddle of the Wren, I've just finished his second novel, Moonheart: A Romance (1984), and although I liked it, it definitely felt a little too busy for a romance.

Following three connected story lines, Moonheart involves a young antique shop owner following a mystery, a folk singer/mystic attempting to find a missing friend, and a story of a small group of people trapped in a house that has travelled elsewhere.

Like his first book there are a lot of concepts going on here including: time-travel, mysticism, fantasy creature, etc., in addition the story has (for me) a neat mix of Canadian culture and both European and First Nation mystical beliefs.

The problem with the book for me is twofold; first it's the kind of thing I would have loved as a teen - I think that if I had read this in junior high or high school I might have listed it as a personal favourite, but coming to it in my 30s, it just seemed a little too busy for me.  Secondly, it was a really long and complicated read for "a romance".  Having read a number of romance novels over the years, I found Moonheart to be a little long and the romance aspect was a little too complicated.

Still, I found it to be a fun read, and as although I though the male characters were a little better sketched out than the female characters, it was a pretty good read overall.

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