Monday, June 23, 2014

Taking a Mental Health Day

So I booked today off from work to do pretty much nothing, it's not actually anyone's birthday and I'm not heading out on a trip, I just decided it would be nice to have a long weekend and maybe get some reading done.

In my mind, taking a day off every couple months for no particular reason is a pretty great thing to do (if you can), as it gives you the time to catch up on all the fun stuff you've been putting off.

For example, today I ran some errands with my wife, read two comic series collections and a number of short stories from the new short story collection Rogues (which includes the latest Song of Ice and Fire story and a Neverwhere spinoff as well!)

Past that I watched some TV, when on a walk and made some pulled pork for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is back to work for me, but just having the ability to take a day off to do very little was a pretty great way for me to spend the day

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