Monday, June 30, 2014

Eat. The Best Place for Breakfast in Las Vegas

Cinnamon Biscuits
 For the last four days I've been in Las Vegas, NV at the 2014 American Library Association Annual Conference.  I've been to some pretty exciting sessions and events, had a lot of great talks, and even tried my luck at the tables (it being my first time in Vegas), but after getting home this morning the first thing I really want to talk about is this restaurant in Downtown Vegas called Eat.

On my first morning in Vegas I decided to go for a bit of a walk (okay, an hour) from my hotel near the Convention Centre to this breakfast and lunch place I had heard about.  The staff were incredibly friendly and my first meal was the Cinnamon Biscuits with strawberry compote followed by their Shrimp and Grits.

Shrimp and Grits
Needless to say the food was so good I was not only satisfied with another one hour walk back to my hotel, but was also certain that Eat. was going to be my breakfast place of choice while in Vegas.

To put that into a little context, the walk (both ways) was on average about 32 degrees (or 89.6F), but once I'd tried the stuff I couldn't help but go back.

The restaurant itself just felt like one of those perfect finds, the kind of place you wish you could brag about to your friends.

Which, to be fair, is what I'm doing now.

If you happen to still be in Vegas at alaac14, give it a shot, the place isn't on the Strip, but after three days, it might be nice to try something else.
Corned Beef Hash
Finally, make sure to try the corned beef hash - I had it on my last day and I think it ruined me for Corned Beef Hash at any other restaurant.

If you have Vegas on your agenda for anytime in the future, this place is a must.

Thanks to all the great staff for a wonderful experience.

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