Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Movie Review: Robocop (2013)

Having rewatched the original a few weeks ago with my wife and kids, this week we decided to check out the 2014 remake, so here you go, Robocop.

For the most part the film follows the original, with a few key differences (sorry, some spoilers here).

1) No focus on the corporate culture as in the first film

2) A reverse of the original concept (first film focused on a machine learning to become a man, the remake focuses on a man learning to become a more effective machine)

3) The film is pretty clearly influenced by the recent Batman trilogy, in everything from shots to the fact that Robocop is now dressed as Batman from the neck down.

4) A surprisingly low level of blood and violence - as the first film was incredibly graphic in its representation of the effects of violence, bodies were mangled, blood splattered across the screen, etc., the remake is a much more standard action film - yes there was a high kill count, but almost all of the violence was bloodless and no one who had been shot was shown as much of anything other than alive, dead, or "taking it like a man"

In the end the film was ok - there were performances that were pretty great, but I missed the stop-motion animation of the original, and having just watched it recently, I'm not sure why a remake was needed at all.

If you have the option, skip the remake and rematch the original, because it is awesome.

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