Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bookmonkey, Mountain Man pt. 2

Hello good readers, I'm back from the back of beyond and have become all rough and tumble.

Or at least, able to pose as mostly rough and tumble while gazing into the distance.

All right, I'll admit it wasn't my axe, and the coffee was instant rather than percolated, and my cool Superman shirt was "aged" when I got it, wait - you know what never mind.

I went out camping, did some horseback riding and walked with some wolves, yup, good old Canis Lupus (Grey Wolves), and specifically a fine fellow called Scrappy Dave, who you could also visit at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden, BC.

I'd be crazy to admit I wasn't a little nervous around them, but they were actually a lot of fun to be with as long as we listened to our guides and were respectful of the wolves.

Although I only read a few books on the trip (reviews on those later), it was pretty great overall, and I had a birthday to boot!

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