Monday, August 18, 2014

Reverse Engineering a Bacheror of Arts Degree - Attempt #1

One of the joys of having children five years apart is the ability to take the lessons learned with the first kid and see if they have any application with the second (often not the case).

Right now, for example, my oldest daughter has recently finished her undergraduate degree and my youngest is currently headed into her last year of high school.  This gives me the opportunity to revisit the whole "Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts" degree again.

Basically, the calendar of whichever University the prospective student is planning to go to outlines what courses they need to take to get a degree, the problem is the advice is scatted across a number of different pages and sections and can easily feel overwhelming, so I thought I would take a look at the current requirements (2014/15) through the lens of my older daughter's course selection (which obviously worked out as she has a degree).

Now there are a couple of things I have to keep in mind, for example my youngest is not likely to take the same courses my oldest did as she doesn't want the same kind of degreee, and my oldest chose to double-major so there will be some modifications necessary to fit the interests of my youngest.  In addition, she (the youngest) doesn't have a major chosen yet, (which is pretty common even for first-year University students), so I have to keep the outline vague for now.

It's nice to know I can find things to do with my spare time since I finished school.

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