Sunday, May 24, 2015

Movie Review: Tomorrowland

On Friday my eighteen-year-old daughter Kaia and I went to see the new Brad Bird film Tomorrowland and it was pretty darn amazing.

The film mixes a nostalgic look at the Tomorrowland section of both Disney World and Disneyland theme-parks and tells a story about the love of science and innovation as well as a pretty great coming of age story to boot.

We saw the film in IMAX and this makes the second time I've ever done that (the first was Pacific Rim a few years back) and I'm happy to say it was totally worth it.  The film was filled with action and adventure as well as some pretty amazing visuals and I feel it works well for both kids and adults.

Definitely worth checking out - especially if you feel you may be overdosing on the post-apocalyptic subgenre of science fiction right now (not me though, as I followed Tomorrowland up with Mad Max: Fury Road the next day and absolutely loved it!)

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