Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So I've started Mass Effect...

Continuing my hobby of starting games years after they've been popularized, I'm now giving the 2007 Science Fiction game Mass Effect a try.

To be clear, I'm the type of player who grinds away at these type of games for an hour or so a day a couple times a week until I finish after a month or so - no all-night binge sessions for this guy.

At this point I've played the game for a non-consecutive 30 minutes, leaving me with the following impressions:

1) Like a lot of role playing games, a lot of early effort goes into character creation, unlike say a game like Uncharted, don't expect to actually play anything for the first little while - but definitely expect to create some backstory for your character!

2) After going through the work of creating your character, get ready to walk around and talk to a bunch of people.  Like many similar games you get to effect how your conversations will go, but again, no early running and jumping.

3) Finally getting to run around and shoot a little, my character has touched down on a planet under siege and gets to shoot aliens and collect various bits of equipment I'm sure I'll get to use later.  Not quite as intense as the Dead Space series, the gameplay seems kind of fun, although I'm pretty sure I'll miss being able to jump - also it looks as if I'll be in charge of a group as I move along.

So far that's about all I've got - I haven't completed the first mission yet (wait till next week), but the graphics are fun, the gameplay is pretty straight forward, and expect for a clear impression of where I'm supposed to go (probably a feature I'm currently unaware of so far), the game looks like it's off to an interesting start.

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