Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review: Half the World

Following up his excellent first book in the Shattered Sea series (Half a King, 2014), Joe Abercrombie's Half the World moves the story a few years along and shifts his first protagonist, Yarvi, into a strong supporting character into this novel, which focuses on a female warrior in search of identity and a young soldier in search of himself.

As with the first book, although the novel is set in a fantasy setting, there is very little magic, and honestly it feels a little more on the post-apocalyptic (but very post) style of setting like in Terry Brook's Shannara series.

The novel switches back and forth between it's two protagonists each chapter and like the first book, is filled with action, adventure and some great character building moments which all contribute to another fine coming-of-age story (or, technically two coming-of-age stories).  

Although I didn't find it quite as strong as the first book, I'm definitely reading the final book in the series (Half a War) and will likely check out a few more books by Abercrombie in the next year.

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