Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My No-Sugar Challenge, Month Two

So here we are at the beginning of my third month without sugar...

And honestly, so far so good.

I took a one-dessert break halfway through July to celebrate my oldest daughter's 23rd Birthday, but aside from that piece of delicious chocolate cake, I've spent the last two months sugar free.

The early days involved headaches and a bizarre sensitivity in my teeth, but since then I've dropped nearly twenty pounds and knowing that I've got another slice of birthday cake coming at the end of this month (I'll be turning 39!) significantly helps to take the edge off of my cravings.

To be fair, I still have a lot of sweet things, I'm eating a lot more fresh fruit for one, and I know I could be better about avoiding hidden sugars, but right now I'm feeling pretty good and see no need to stop.

After all, with the option for one delicious treat a month from now on, I can definitely get pretty fancy in my choices!

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