Sunday, January 10, 2016

Boston Post Two

So quick warning about Boston - Although the Bunker Hill monument is a must, the 294 steps up a spiral staircase you travel to the top on can be hard on the knees, so pace yourself and maybe don't do it right after you've walked the entire freedom trail (also excellent, but a lot of hills both ways).

In the end, I've really enjoyed my trip; ALA Midwinter was great, I took part in a Speed Mentoring event, hit one of the Socials, and got overwhelmed in the Exhibit Hall (as does everyone, including the vendors, I imagine).

I didn't do quite as much reading as I had hoped (I should finish my first book this morning - probably at the airport), but saw some pretty amazing stuff, met some wonderful folks, and got to try the original Boston Cream Pie - which is AMAZING!

I've had this dish a few times in Canada, but having now had the original, I can honestly say I had no Idea.  Just delicious!  And don't worry, for my readers who know I'm off sugar - this was my January treat, so no more sugar until Valentines.


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