Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Packing for a Conference

So here we are, 2016 and I'm already packing for my first (and only) major trip of the year.

Boston, MA

Packing for a three-to-four day conference has a few challenges, but as this is my fifth kick at the cat, I thought I would pass on a little advice.

Step one is get some help - now to be clear, I'm still saying you should pack your own bag in accordance with the rules and regulations of most major airlines, but having someone (in my case, my lovely wife) looking over what you are doing will make sure you've got all your bases covered.  I, for one, like to begin packing with the various books I plan on reading, while my wife begins with socks and underwear.

Step two is to try and pack as small as possible, unless you are staying for a week or more, you should be able to pack everything in carry-on, rather than checked luggage (although to be fair, I'm speaking for myself, maybe you do need extra stuff I'm not aware of yet).

Finally, and this may just be the librarian in me speaking, make sure you've got enough reading material for your entire trip, and have some of it accessible for waiting in line, waiting between flights and my personal favourite, waiting for your bus, taxi, or shuttle on the other end!

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