Saturday, April 2, 2016

Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So last week I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but didn't want to give an opinion at the time as I needed to mull my feelings over a little.

So here we go:

First off, on the positive, I did feel that it connected nicely with Man of Steel - if you were not a fan of the earlier film due to tone, this one isn't going to change your opinion, but as far as existing in a shared world, this film does a pretty great job of setting a consistent tone for upcoming DC films.

On the negative side, the tone is much darker than you may like and thoroughly without humor (I counted two jokes in the entire movie), so if you're looking for the quips and witticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may want to hold off for Captain America: Ciivil War.

In many ways I felt like this was designed to be a more grown up superhero film; it dealt with the fallout from the previous films (both in continuity and with moviegoers), focused on a retired Batman who had clearly already run Gotham city for years and attempted to introduce a number of upcoming bog players in the DC universe.

My biggest problem was honestly the lack of joy in the film - I fully understand that Batman has very little joy as a concept, but Superman is (for me) a character designed to provoke awe and wonder, and much of this film is focused on villainizing him.

In the end the movie was better than I feared, but not as good as I had hoped.

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