Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Review: Half Lost, by Sally Green

Last week I finished the last of Sally Green's Half Bad trilogy, Half Lost, and I think in many ways it perfectly ended the world she set up and ended up being a deeper mediation on the nature of war and its cost to the combatants than I was expecting out of a Young Adult Dark Fantasy book.

The book continues the story of Nathan Byrn, a young wizard born from mixed parentage, with one parent following Black Magic and the Other White, and his place in a world that despises him for the circumstances of his birth and raised him in an environment where he grew up knowing just how despised he was.

This series was a really great find for me (my youngest daughter actually found it first, I just followed her suggestion to check it out), and left me feeling that the series had managed to find a pretty great ending, and one didn't have me wishing for more, but simply wishing to share the series with others.

A really great read.

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