Thursday, May 5, 2016

FaceBook Experiment: The Book Exchange

So last month I came across an interesting looking post in my FaceBook Feed:

(Side note - if any of my readers are interested, now you know how to find me on Facebook!)

And as a long-time reading enthusiast, I clicked on the "Like" button and awaiting further information.

I was rewarded a day later with the following direct message:

Hi! So the way this works is you'll copy and paste this status:
Hey Facebook Friends! I'm participating in an international book exchange. I'm a huge bookworm and can't wait to see how this works out! Who wants to join me? All I need are at least 6 humans to participate! You only need to send one book to the address I will give to you. It may be bought new, or use one of your favourites that has been laying around untouched! Expect to receive approximately 36 books back!!! If you are interested, let me know or click "like" and I will PM you the details
#savetheculture 🌏🌞

Or make a similar one about #savetheculture and send one book to:
To the people who will like your status, you will give my name to have them send a book to
Then change the addresses and write yours when you're passing this on to get books back! Hooray for bookworms!

So It's now been a month and here's how it broke down; I sent away a book (mailing cost, $10) and over the next few weeks received a couple in the mail myself.

Now, you'll note I didn't receive 36, but I did get to send a book I was done with to a good home, and I got a couple new (to me) books for my trouble.

Worth it? Sure - the effort on my end was pretty low, and I doubled my original investment.

Also I liked the fact that this was about book sharing, rather than a business opportunity. Will I get anymore books? Probably not, but I still had fun, and I have to admit it's nice getting stuff in the mail that isn't a bill.

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