Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thing's I've Noticed: Robots make music videos better

This morning I was watching one of my current favourite music videos; I Feel Better by Hot Chip, when I noticed something - the best part of this video involves Laser Eyes and a floating head. Now I don't know about you, but for me lasers and floating heads mean one thing - Robots (pictured left).

It was at this point that I also realized robots added a significant cool factor to virtually any music video, and that I could spend today's post listing my favourite robot-based music videos.

Woken up by a robot, the band proceeds to sing and dance in their usual style - but unlike the majority of their videos, I honestly like this one, the visuals are cool and the yellow robots dancing with Nick definitely gave this video a pretty high cool factor. If you take into account that I heard all of this band's music constantly when my oldest daughter was in grade six, the fact that I could find any joy in a video by the band shows just how cool the robots in it were.

For a video featuring significant levels of awesomeness already (a high speed car chase and Bruce Willis!?!), I didn't think that the addition of a robot could do much, but then you make the robot short out and you get something very very cool.

Telling the honest story of a post-human, robot contolled world, this high-concept / low-budget video shows many of our societies fears of technology, as well as the super-coolness that is Flight of the Conchords.

Alright, I'll admit that the two lovers in this video are probably mannequins rather than traditional robots, but you know what - too bad! I grew up thinking they were robots so as far as I'm concerned that's exactly what they are.

Like virtually all of the rest of videos I've looked at, this one focuses on electronica music, and the robot in question might be a cyborg, but you know what, it's still pretty cool. In addition to robots this video has spaceships, so you get twice the Sci-Fi bang for your buck. Also it's new enough you might not have seen it yet, so there you go.

If I've missed any major robot-themed music videos let me know, I'm sure somewhere out there is a comprehensive list of all robots appearing in music videos, these are just my favourites (sorry Daft Punk, but the robot you have in your Technologic video gives me a major case of the heebie jeebies),

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