Sunday, July 11, 2010

My personal nemesis - the creepy doll

It actually started as a joke - my wife had a little doll that was supposed to look and feel like a new born (the doll was a 1979 Mattel Newborn Love 'n Touch Doll - for the doll enthusiasts among my readers), and she simple caught me at the wrong time and said something like:

Hey hon, check this out!

And then thrust this creepy little doll in my face a smidge too fast and I ended up screaming.

My oldest daughter was maybe four at the time and having anything that would make her dad scream seemed like the coolest thing ever, so she started hiding it around the house (in my sock drawer, my night stand, my lunch box, and once inside a Christmas present), and each time, like the dutiful father I am, I would make a big show of screaming (and would often run from the room).

The thing is, after a couple years of this, the doll actually started creeping me out. Looking at an image of another Newborn Love 'n Touch Doll doesn't affect me at all, but knowing that this specific doll is in my house somewhere right now, waiting for me, gives me the creeps!

I'm actually a little on edge about it know as I mentioned to my wife that I was going to be writing a post about the doll and I'm a little scared that it might make an appearance soon...

Wait a minute... did you hear that?

Ummmm... I think I'm gonna end this blog a little early (and sleep with the hallway light on tonight).

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  1. This must be the doll that was mentioned last night when Bearly was out...CREEPY!!!!!