Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I've noticed: My love affair with board games

We're basically at the one-week mark of me living without my Wii console - and its time I start exploring my board game collection. We've got all the standards, Monopoly (Star Wars), Settlers of Cattan (with most of the expansions), and even a board game based on the Vampire the Requiem Role Playing Game.

The game I think I'm going to focus on over the next week, however, is Puerto Rico. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and since it was given to me about six months ago, I haven't taken it out of the box.

Apparently you play plantation owners in 1700s Puerto Rico and try to create the best plantation. It sounds kind of like Settlers, but at the same time I've heard it compared to Chess in the strategic nature of the game.

It's kind of funny, just like I've got a "To Be Read" shelf of books and a "To Be Seen" shelf of movies. I've got a "To Be Played" shelf of games (both Board and Video), and yet I'll often wander around my house looking for things to do...

Anyway, I've clearly started to ramble, so good night everybody!

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