Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I've Noticed: See It Twice and it's twice as nice

Last night I went to the encore performance of the National Live Theatre's production of Frankenstein at my local theatre. Having seen this play two weeks ago and loving it (my review is here), I wasn't exactly sure how much of a difference having the two leads switch roles would bring to the production.

Put simply - it was a pretty big difference. The first time I saw the play, I was impressed by the level of intensity brought to the performance. This time, it was the level of sympathy that surprised me - even knowing everything the creature was going to get up to I found myself nervous about how exactly this creature would do things.

From a critical standpoint this time I got to watch how they did things rather than just what they did. The set was pretty incredible and the overall acting was superb.

If a DVD of this play comes out, I would love to purchase it, but even if the only way I get to experience this show was the way I did, I'm glad I saw it both times. It was a really, really great show.

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