Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Genre Character of the Week: Evan (The Time Traveler's Room-mate)

Last weekend I went out with some friends to see the nominees for the Live-Action Short category of the 2012 Oscars. The experience was actually pretty cool as usually when the Live Action-Short and Animation-Short categories are announced I’ve seen exactly none of the nominees.
Out of the live action shorts, my favourite was Time Freak, a time travel comedy about a guy named Evan who finds out that his room-mate has created a time machine.

Evan comes across as a good friend, and a guy who can clearly see through his buddy’s schemes and plans without a lot of difficulty.

As the film was short, I can’t say much else without spoilers, but if you have the option, definitely check out this little gem as it was a whole lot of fun!

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