Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I've Noticed: Having a cold is a great excuse to hit the books

For the last few days I've felt a little under the weather - luckily not so bad that I can't concentrate and keep nodding off. Nope, right now I'm just that perfect level of sick where I need a box of kleenex nearby and I'm drinking tea like it's nobody's business.

The reason I like this specific shade of sickness is that it lets me get some good reading done.

For whatever reason, sickness lets me be a little less sociable, allowing me to get a few more pages ahead in whatever I'm reading and gives me the opportunity to read my equivilent of comfort food. Short horror novels.

Now I know, sometimes when you're down you want to read your Tuesday's With Morrie, or maybe something by Nicholas Sparks (botha great book and a fun author BTW), but for me, I like a little bit of horror give me a delicious chill between my alternating sweats and uncomfortable chills. Right now I'm reading The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, which may end up being a movie I see this weekend if I take a turn for the better.

Would I wish my level of uncomfortable sickness on anyone? No. But while I'm suffering through it I think I'll take advantage of any scary novel coming my way that is less than (roughly) 200 pages.

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