Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Genre Character of the Week: Magda Cuza

Last week, following my continued work through the book Horror the 100 best books, I checked out The Keep by F. Paul Wilson.  The novel is a horror novel involving a monster set in Romania during WWII, and the main character, also our genre character of the week, is a young woman named Magda Cuza.

For starters, a quick review of the book - it is a lot of fun, the atmosphere is very creepy and if like me, you are a fan of Hellboy, this book will totally be up your alley.

The premise follows a group of Nazi soldiers during World War II who are ordered to take up position in an abandoned keep in Romania.  Soon after their arrival men start dying and it quickly becomes obvious that something is killing the men.

Eventually a Jewish doctor and his daughter, Magda are sent for, as he is an expert in both Romanian folklore and this keep in particular.  Once the doctor and his daughter figure out what is going on the novel moves into high gear.

What I like about Magda is that she is both incredibly smart and also devoted to her dad (as a dad myself, this is a nice trait, although she does carry it too far).

The novel is a lot of fun and if it is not available through your local library, it is definitely worth a purchase.

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