Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I've Noticed: Horror fans are everywhere

So I’m sitting in my class last night (LIS 598 Managing Financial Resources) and Meghan, one of my fellow students leans over and asks me what I’m reading (and no, class hasn’t started yet, so I’m perfectly within my rights to read whatever I like), so I pass her the book The Keep, by F. Paul Wilson (1981 – review will be up next week), and when she sees the premise, wherein some-thing is killing Nazis in a strange Romanian Keep (small castle) in 1941, she asks me if I’ve seen the 2009 Norwegian film Dead Snow (Zombie Nazis attack vacationers) and although I haven’t seen it yet (just added it to my library hold list), I felt pretty great since my love of horror seems to be something I share with a smaller and smaller group of friends (and you, dear readers).

Years back I created an account on LIbrarything (I’m pretty easy to find – just click the book to the left or go to and look up bookmonkey) and in one thread I started about classic horror novels I think everyone should read I had a response that suggested I should calm down on my love of horror as it’s pretty much a phase everyone goes through in their teen years…

I was 33 when I received this comment.

Anyway, I’m mostly just happy to see that my love of all things strange and monstrous isn’t just me and a bunch of Saw-crazed teens (and yes, chances are really great that this October will be the year I take in that franchise).

So thanks fellow student, you brightened my day!

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