Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I've Noticed: Father's Day is coming!

So we've got three days to go until Father's Day, and as my two lovely daughters are beyond the macaroni-pictures-coated-in glitter-phase, I'm kind of interested to see what they've got in mind for me.

As a dad who loves Horror, SF and Fantasy, I m hoping they've got a lot of options of things they can send my way.

I don't want to get into specifics as that may alienate whatever they have already decide, but I will say that no Dad was ever unhappy with higher necklines and longer skirts - you know, when I was a young man the most interesting thing we looked for in ladies was a shapely ankle, so, you know, longer skirts can still be considered a daring choice.

Also turtlenecks are great.

And Parkas.

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to have two teenaged daughters?

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