Friday, April 12, 2013

Things I've noticed: Everyone is reading A Song of Ice and Fire

To be fair, not everything I notice is something that people haven't noticed before.  Case in point, Game of Thrones is pretty big right now.

Since January I've been reading this series at the rate of one a month, and since I started I've been approached by people on the bus, in coffee shops, and even on the street.

My favourite comments so far (seriously):

5) Damn, that girl with the dragon is hot! (Not sure if the guy who said this was referring to the book, the TV show, or maybe The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo)

4) Don't read those - everything and everyone you like is totally going to... (wait a second, the spoiler was annoying enough for me to hear, I don't need to spread it further)

3) That Joffrey kid is bad ass!  (said a guy on the bus I'm pretty sure who missed the entire point of his character).

2) What do you think of series three so far (and then after I mention the fact that I don't have HBO), do you want me to burn a copy for you?

1) Those books are a sequel to Lord of the Rings, right?

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