Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: The Dungeon vol 3. The Valley of Thunder

Three books into Phillip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon series, and I hit the first one written by Charles de Lint.  Following the further adventure of Major Clive Folliot and company through the extra-dimensional world (possibly) of The Dungeon, the third novel continues the quest to find Clive's brother Neville.

De Lint does something rather clever with his book (part of why I'm such a fan), and separates the group into two; allowing him to switch the narrative back and forth between chapters to resolve the current cliffhanger faced by each team.  This made for a much faster read, and as the groups moved through dinosaurs, spaceships, and a clear Tarzan-styled setting, it also allowed for a lot more range in the story.

Today I start on volume four, and I really hope the pace continues to increase as I'm finding the series a lot of fun.

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